SIM 2023: 17th International Symposium in Management
Reinventing Management in Turbulent Times
20-21 October 2023, Timisoara & Silagiu, Romania


SIM's 17th edition will take place, as usual, in the lovely Romanian city of Timisoara. 2023 is a special year for Timisoara because it is one of the three European Capitals of Culture, so SIM will not only give participants the opportunity to attend quality sessions on management, but participants will also be able to enjoy a setting with various events related to the celebration of the European Capital of Culture.

The conference aims to bring together academics, professionals, and students in order to discuss the challenges that management had to deal with during the economic crisis and with which it has been dealing with ever since. Our purpose is to address specific questions, such as the role of management in a rapidly-changing environment, the key management problems that must be addressed and solved using particular methods and techniques, while considering the threats and opportunities that appear in this dynamic period of time.


Attention will be focused on, but not limited to:
- management of innovation,
- business process management,
- entrepreneurship and innovation,
- financial management and financial governance,
- strategic management,
- change management,
- supply chain and operations management,
- sustainable management,
- the economics of small and medium-sized enterprises
- third sector organisations management.


Established in 1920, the Polytechnic School in Timişoara - as was originally called - was the answer to one of the requirements of the Romanian society of the time, namely the formation of engineers. Politehnica University of Timişoara, a university of advanced research and education, is today one of the traditional Romanian schools and is recognized nationally and internationally both through the work of generations of teachers and the outstanding work of prestigious academics. According to tradition, the mission of Politehnica University of Timişoara resides in meeting the competence requirements of the societal environment by providing superior training at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. Bearing fundamental values, the university mission reflects at the same time concern for the future of society, by tracing its development at local, regional, national, and international levels. Politehnica University of Timişoara is recognized as an outstanding actor on the research stage both nationally and internationally. 

The West University of Timisoara was founded in 1944. By 1968, the institution had become an independent university, with a prestigious academic staff in all traditional fields. 1989, the year of the Romanian revolution, was a turning point in the evolution of the university. An essential mentality change took place in the perception of the academic institution, in accordance with the democratic institutions in Western Europe. A substantial institutional reform was carried out, beginning with the redefining of the university's mission by establishing its objectives. International par excellence, The West University of Timişoara has partnerships with over 100 universities worldwide. Student mobility is the foremost issue of these partnerships. Over the last twelve years, the University has responded to changes in national educational policy, to demographic shifts, to a radically different economy and marketplace requirements, to emerging local and regional needs, and to new technologies.


Acţiune finanţată de Consiliul Județean Timiș, prin progamul TimCultura 2023

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